Lutheran High School Bands from Houston, TX Area Visit Bethany

A few times a year Bethany hosts visiting musical ensembles, usually from LCMS High Schools or Colleges, but on occassion from non-Lutheran Christian bodies who are interested in learning more about Lutheranism and the historic liturgy of the Church. We do this in order to be hospitable to our brothers and sisters (1 Peter 4:9), as well as to encourage these young musicians to serve the church with their musical gifts—after all, they are the future musicians of Christ’s church.

On Sunday, March 10, the Concordia Lutheran High School (Tomball, TX) and Lutheran South Academy (Houston, TX) bands visited Bethany to offer their musical gifts during the Divine Service. Their tour began on Thursday, March 8 as they flew into Chicago from TX. After stopping at Concordia University Chicago, they made their way to St. Joseph, MI to play at Trinity Lutheran Church, and then headed back to Chicago where they caught a CSO concert on Saturday night. Their tour post-Bethany takes them to Cleveland, OH and then back to Chicago from where they will fly home to TX.