The Lord's Mission through Bethany

The Lord sends His Church to make disciples of all nations, so our congregation supports this disciple-making by dedicating part of our annual budget to the sending and supporting of preachers of the Word and Sacraments of Jesus Christ across the world.

Lutherans in Africa (LIA)

In Africa, the lack of resources available for education, coupled with traditional beliefs and practices, leads to misunderstandings of the Living Word. From the congregational level to the national church body, an overwhelming need exists for basic doctrinal teaching for Lutheran pastors, evangelists, and deaconesses.

Currently working in 20 countries, LIA addresses this issue by not only teaching confessional Lutheran doctrine, but by training African pastors to be the teachers in their own communities.

Issues, etc. & Lutheran Public Radio (LPR)

Issues, Etc. is talk radio for the thinking Christian, a regular online radio broadcast dedicated to being a voice in the wilderness of American Evangelicalism. Covering a wide range of topics and bringing together the best minds and opinions from across the theological spectrum, Issues, Etc. is never afraid to tackle the hard questions head on, always armed for battle with a clear grasp on Scripture and a steadfast commitment to remaining Christ-centered, cross-focused.

Learn more and listen online at their website by clicking here.

Rev. John Pless in South Africa and Madagascar

Rev. John T. Pless, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, where he also serves as Director of Field Education, coordinates the seminary’s annual “Mercy Mission Expedition to Madagascar” in partnership with the LCMS Board for World Relief and Human Care. Bethany regularly provides funds for scholarships to native African pastors-in-training through this endeavor.

The Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Imagine trying to understand Scripture in all its richness without the benefit of Luther’s Small Catechism. For Lutheran churches around the world, these situations are a reality. They don’t have the basic books, so vital to understand the Lutheran faith, because no one has translated them into their languages.

In more than 70 countries and 90 languages, Lutheran Heritage Foundation translates, publishes, distributes and introduces books that are Bible-based, Christ-centered and Reformation-driven.

LHF has published the catechism in more than 50 languages, as well as published and distributed more than 450 titles and 3 million Lutheran books to pastors, seminary students, missionaries and churches – all at no cost to them.

Learn more about Lutherans Heritage Foundation at their website by clicking here.


Rev. Charles  St-Onge (Latin America)

Rev. Charles and Deborah St-Onge serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the Latin America region. In his role as an area facilitator for this region, Charles helps strengthen Christ’s work in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. He assists with theological education, evangelist and deaconess training and translation of materials. Charles also provides spiritual care for the missionaries on the ground in those countries. Charles was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada; a master’s degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada; and his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. He has served as a pastor at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Ridley Park, Pa., as executive director of Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries, and as an associate pastor at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas.

Learn more about the LCMS work in Latin America by clicking here.