"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works."
- Hebrews 10:24


Women and girls, transport yourself to Kenya. Imagine having no feminine hygiene products during those "days of the month"; imagine having to stay in your hut or in your room in an orphanage during those days, with nothing on but a dress--no underwear, no protection of any kind. Imagine not only missing valuable days at school and work, but also suffering shame and indignities, exploitation, infection and disease, all due to lack of feminine protection.

This is a fact of life for many girls in Kenya and other countries. Disposable products are not an option since there is no disposal system in those areas!  But a grassroots group, Days for Girls International, has found a solution: quality sustainable feminine hygiene kits, tailored for the culture of these girls. 

During the last year our Bethany LWML has learned to sew these kits. Quality of fabric and durability of construction is extremely important, since each girl has just one kit, designed to last for three years of repeated use and washing. The appropriate and desired colors and prints are also important.

This coming year, we plan to continue and also expand this project by inviting our junior and senior high girls, as well as their mothers, to join us. We plan to hold workshops where we will teach them what to do. Ability to sew is not required, since many other steps are involved in the construction and assembling of these kits. The satisfying result for each girl is a colorful and strong drawstring bag, filled with items that are not only functional and long-lasting, but also feminine and beautiful. 

Two informational sessions for moms and girls are planned for June 26 and July 17, both at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons, right before the Youth Bible Studies. Workshops will then be planned for the summer and the 2016-17 school year.

For more information contact Ina Johnson at muttiina@gmail.com