Describe the path to your current vocation.

I have a degree in Business Administration and spent 8 years in the corporate world before having my three children.  We joined Bethany in 1983 and I started volunteering at the church and school after my youngest son was born.  By the time he started first grade, I had become such a familiar face at Bethany that I was offered a part-time position in the church office.  Initially I prepared the weekly bulletins and newsletter and then became the Program Administrator in 1995.  My education and my interest in writing have turned out to be a perfect fit for this position.  

When did you become a Lutheran?

I was baptized and confirmed at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in River Grove, Illinois.  

What do you love most about your job?

We have the most wonderful staff at Bethany!  We truly care about each other and are dedicated to doing our best for God’s Church and School here.  

What was your longest or most favorite road trip?

When I was seven years old my parents took us on a road trip to see the Seattle World’s Fair.  We took the northern route to Seattle and then drove down through California and up through Texas on the way home.  I remember seeing Yellowstone, the ocean, the desert, oil wells and so much more. 

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy games of all types—board, trivia, word, card, and puzzles.  I like to plan parties, especially theme parties with decorations and special menus.  I also enjoy reading and do some creative writing in my spare time.